In Minnesota, when it's State Fair time, that means the summer is wrapping up. This year, we definitely had the summer of fun!

Countless outdoor barbecues and outings with friends, soccer games (both professional and Keith's definitely-not-pro teams), concerts including Motion City Soundtrack, Garbage, The Wombats and Flight of the Conchords and more. 

We took a quick trip to Chicago to see The Cure show -- the tickets were Lynne's gift to Keith for their anniversary. 

While we were in Chicago, we also met up with friends and their little girl at the Museum of Science and Industry to play around for the afternoon. We ate a lot of good food, rode the train everywhere, saw a really good show and had tons of fun. 

We also met up with Lynne's family for some time at a cabin/resort in western Minnesota. Keith played some golf, Lynne rode a horse through the woods, we took a boat ride, did some fishing, had s'mores by the campfire and everyone spent plenty of time going down the waterslides. 


Keith's parents came to visit from California for a week, Lynne's cousin and her kids came to visit from Texas for a weekend and we also had a big picnic in a nearby park with Lynne's book club (now called the Un-Book Club because we all read, just not the same book at the same time anymore) and their families. Most of us have known each other for more than 15 years! 

Some of the kids found an injured duck and named her Billy. We took Billy home so we could bring her to the Wildlife Rehabilitation Center the next day so they could fix up her wing and her leg. After Billy the duck broke out of her box in the garage and we chased her around ridiculously for awhile, we put her in an extra dog kennel and she stayed, safe and sound, in the guest room overnight (where we knew she'd be okay). She went to the duck hospital the next day where they said she should make a full recovery. And that's how we ended up with a duck in our house overnight! (The dogs never even realized the duck was there.)

In July, we went to Keith's annual family reunion in Las Vegas. This year, 45 people gathered from all around the country to feast together and play in Saturday's fun bowling tournament. 

Lynne's aunt and uncle live on a lake nearby so we spent a fun family afternoon hanging out and Lynne got to try paddleboarding! It was super fun, she did not fall into the water and she's looking forward to doing it again soon.

Lynne is on the board of directors of a nonprofit organization that arranges holiday gifts for isolated senior citizens and once a year the organization holds a fundraising golf tournament. This year, Keith, Lynne's brother, Lynne's dad and his buddy formed a team and golfed in the tournament! They didn't win, but they had 18 holes of awesomeness. 


Summer might be winding down, but we're looking forward to continuing the fun this fall! 


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