3 names I go by/have gone by: 
* Lynnie
* L-Dawg
* Binner

A few places I have lived
* Duluth, Minnesota
* Minneapolis, Minnesota

3 places I have worked: 
* A toy store
* A restaurant
* A newspaper

3 things I love to watch on TV
* Silicon Valley
* Chopped
* Fixer Upper ( I LOVE Chip and Joanna!!)

3 places I have been and loved:
* New York City
* Ireland
* Seattle

3 things I love to eat:
* Scrambled eggs
* Olives
* Dark (very dark) chocolate

3 favorite outdoor activities
* Walking our dogs
* Sitting in the yard on warm nights watching the moon
* Swimming in the lake by our friends' house in the hot days of summer

3 things I'm looking forward to: 
* Traveling around the U.S. and the world
* Adding more love when we're lucky enough to grow our family
* Keeping bees (when I retire someday)







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