We are Keith & Lynne. We're Hoping To Grow Our Family Through Adoption.  

You are an expectant mother or mother of an infant considering adoption and looking for just the right family.
You realize you can't do this alone and you have the superhuman strength to put on your cape, move forward and work with the perfect family to adopt the baby. 

If you're considering placing a child for adoption: We believe you're superhero strong and can do anything. Thank you for taking the time to learn more about us. We look forward to getting to know you and can answer any questions you might have or provide you with additional information. We're also very happy to consider an ongoing relationship (open adoption), if you wish. We are home study approved and can legally adopt at any time.

There's so much more we'd like to say about the monumental decisions you're considering, but for now we say a simple, "Thank you." Because, really ... what else do you say to a real-life Wonder Woman?

Contact us any time by email, phone or text. 

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* We're located in Minnesota, but are open to considering infant adoptions in other states if you feel we're the right match.            



About Lynne & Keith

Learn a bit more about us. We look forward to knowing you better too!



Life With Keith & Lynne

A peek into our lives and the life we're looking forward to sharing with a child. 



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